Join kids across the country writing letters to Congress 

Trump is attacking our loved ones and neighbors, shutting our nation's door to refugees, and separating millions of immigrant families. Congress can stop him. This holiday season, thousands of children will send letters telling their unique stories and asking Congress to Defend our dreams and keep families together! ​

Kids know that their
voices matter

Children of all ages from all over the country are writing letters.  Your letter can include writing, drawings, or both.  Some are written by children who have had a parent or other family member detained or deported.  Some come from children who live with the fear that this could happen to them.  And others are from children who are learning about these issues for the first time.

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Make sure to ask Congress in your letter to Defend our dreams and keep families together!
All you need is a paper and pencil, but for more materials to help you get started, click here.​

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