Trump is  shutting our nation's door to women and children seeking safety.  

 Hundreds of men, women, and children have joined together to protect each other as they journey north.  They’re asylum seekers fleeing violence in Central America. Many are escaping Trump-supported political repression in Honduras where the former President refuses to leave office and has turned the military against his own people.


Pledge to open your heart and your home.

Women move for freedom, for safety, to protect their loved ones. Instead of providing safety, Trump is tweeting against them. As Trump sends threats, we’re opening our hearts and our homes and sending these brave women and children a message that Trump doesn’t speak for all of us. 

Pledge to open your home​

Men, women, and children who are fleeing violence and seeking safety have come together in a caravan to protect each other on their journey north.

When they arrive here, the United States can either offer refuge as they go through the process to seek asylum or it can turn its back on them and become another threat to their lives.

Millions of Americans understand that families move.  We move for freedom, for safety, and to protect our loved ones.  And we’re ready to support those seeking safety regardless of what the President tweets.

If Trump tries to close America’s doors, we will open our own. Let’s show the world that Trump doesn’t speak for us, that we’re still a country that helps each other in times of need.

Pledge to open your home to welcome a family escaping to the US for their life.

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Families Belong Together!